Using iPhone Chargers for Raspberry Pi

Nick Galbreath

Do you need to buy a special power adaptor for Raspberry Pi? Probably not.

If you got a box full of iPhone junk, you can skip buying a special charger for Raspberry Pi.

The smaller iPhone chargers work fine for Raspberry Pi Zero. The product 5.1V at 1 amp. This is the same output as the specialized charger I got with m RP0 kit.

The larger chargers for iPads come in 10 and 12 watt verions. Both are 5.1V and are either 2.1 or 2.4 amps and both are fine for Raspberry Pi 3 (and earlier models). They are similar to the adaptors I got with a RP kit which were 5.0 or 5.2V @ 2.5 amps. Maybe the extra juice is needed if you have a lot of attachements, but if you are just getting started, the iPhone chargers are fine. I rarely draw 1A.

However, you might need to get some new USB micro cables. For Raspberry Pi 3, if the red light doesn’t come on or blinks, the cable needs to be replaced. I had to throw out 2 while getting started. If you are buying new, I recommend Anker