CTO and co-founder of Signal Sciences. Author and speaker on software engineering, devops, and security.

Resilient Software Engineering

What is the domain of the security team? How can we make software development safer?

As the velocity of application development has increased, so has the velocity (and success) of attackers. Given a massive hiring shortage of security professionals, how can we keep up and even get ahead? We can, if we change the role of security to one that is building systems that are resilient to security shocks. When we do this, we find the topics in security are quite different from what they used to be: How are we managing our software supply chain? Does the existing software have a consistent design? How can we build and operate a CI/CD pipeline for the long run? What is a good way to web applications real-time? And perhaps surprisingly: Are we measuring the outbound email throughput and the capacity correctly? Yes, these are all security issues. Join Nick for his presentation and find out why this is the case so we can make more resilient and more secure software.

A wildly incomplete summary of the rest of Swiss Cyber Storm 2016

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