Picking Compression Socks for Recovery

Nick Galbreath

There many benefits to wearing compression socks after doing a workout, but most importantly, it just feels good. But which one to get? Requirements:

Companies that used lots of words or branding, got ignored. Companies that can’t figure how to list their products on Amazon correctly, got ignored. Companies that are just resellers, got ignored.

In the end, the short list includes four companies. I’m sure one will meet your requirements.


CEP is the sports brand of Medi, a German medical company. They are the only company in the list that directly makes their own products (they own the factories).

ArcoSox / VitalSox

ArcoSox sells a variety of compression socks from an Italian mill under a number of different function-specific brands catering to the medical, sports, travel and daily work categories. The sports-branded version VitalSox sells a bargain version at $18, which is half the price of everything else on the list.


Zensah is another American company that sells from an Italian mill. The material composition is similar to CEP. They have some unusual designs that may be appealing.


The origin story is interesting. The founders in Australia saw another local company do compression clothing and thought they could do it better. Today, given the large number of sports teams, celebrities, and military forces that use 2XU products, they appear to have succeeded. I have no doubt their product is excellent.