Improve your workouts with one simple trick

Nick Galbreath

A simple way to maximize your workouts at the gym.

Leave your phone in your locker

That’s it. Leave your phone in your locker. Do not take it in the gym with you.

The distraction from calls, social media, news, messages, whatever, will cause your brain to go out of workout-mode. Secondly it’s very likely due to the distraction, you will take too long between sets, either cooling down or diminishing the quality of your workout. Using your phone in gym indicates your might also have a serious case of fuckarounditis. You go to the gym for one reason: go there, do it, get out. Afterwards you can use your phone all you want.

But I need my phone for my workout app?!

Use a notebook and pencil instead. If your workout is so complicated that you must use a smartphone app, consider doing a simpler workout. It will probably be better than what you are doing now.

But my music?!

If you must listen to music, use a dumb device that just plays music and only music. Using your primary phone with “airplane mode” is not enough. They must be no way for you to get messages, calls, or use the internet.

But my podcast?!

No podcasts while working out. Either you are focusing on the exercise or not. If something interesting comes on, your brain will stop the body from moving, and instead pause and listen. That’s not what you want.

But I’m expecting a call

Stop making excuses for not working out. You can be off-line for an hour. Really.

But I have 3-5 minutes of time between sets

You should be exhausted. If you are not, you are doing it wrong. Use more weight or lift faster.