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Google Safe Browsing without the Browser

Using Google's Safe Browsing API to analyze user-generated content on the server

Over at Etsy's Code as Craft blog is a new article on using the Google Safe Browsing API to analyze user generated content for malware links on the server. Here’s the intro to the story:

At Etsy, we are constantly evaluating the security and safety of our members as they use the site. One way we do this is by analyzing user generated content (UGC) for possible problems. As part of the process we integrate results from the Google Safe Browsing (GSB) service. Typically this is client-side technology used by web browsers to protect the end-user from visiting dangerous websites that might serve malware or be part of a phishing scam.

The source code is still on GitHub, but in 2018 it’s likely to be obsolete.

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